October 2014

Reproductive Injustice in the New Millennium

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This article originally appeared in  20 Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. 123 (2013), http://scholarship.law.wm.edu/wmjowl/vol20/iss1/7 A PDF version of the  entire article can be downloaded by clicking here. REPRODUCTIVE INJUSTICE IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM by SYBIL SHAINWALD* INTRODUCTION I. COMMON LAW, THE EARLY STATUTES, AND THE EMBERS OF REFORM A. Legal Abortions (c. 1250–1803) B. Abortion Becomes a Crime: The Birth of Anti-Abortion Legislation (1803–1900) C. Abortion is Illegal (1900–1960) II. THE TIDE CHANGES A. The Liberalization Movement (1960–1973) B. The Decision in Roe and its Aftermath (1973–1982) C. Twenty-Five Years of Legal Abortions (1982–2007) III. A CONSTITUTIONAL ANALYSIS [...]

Conversation with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

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Please see the conversation with  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi covered by CSpan. http://www.c-span.org/video/?321519-1/conversation-house-democratic-leader-nancy-pelosi