August 2014

The Medicalization of Women

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The following is a speech given at a conference for Hysterectomy Education Resources and Sources (HERS). INTRODUCTION It is a great pleasure to be here and to be on the same program with the first woman elected to Congress from my district, as well as the first and only woman to establish a successful hysterectomy prevention organization. I have reviewed the number of speeches that I have made over the course of the last twenty years for HERS and they are all mainly repetitive of the same themes: Estrogen, unnecessary surgery, the medicalization of our bodies, and the rise of [...]

Jackson Women’s Health Organization v. Currier

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The recent decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Jackson Women’s Health Organization v. Currier, again illustrates how endangered a woman’s reproductive freedom is in today’s climate. The Court struck down a law that required doctors performing abortions in a clinic to obtain hospital admitting privileges. The crucial ruling allowed the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi to remain open, stating that Mississippi could not rely on its “neighbors to provide protection of its citizens’ federal constitutional rights”. The ruling is limited and such rights as those to safe and legal abortions or contraceptive [...]

Hobby Lobby

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The Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Hobby Lobby case caused a great deal of chagrin for those concerned with reproductive freedom. A careful reading of the majority opinion and developments thereafter show that the concern is more than justified as Hobby Lobby has put the Court on a slippery slope that will undoubtedly lead the country backward. Although extremists take issue with Justice Ginsberg’s dissent, that dissent did not overstate the depth of the majority opinion. A corporation is clearly an entity that is distinct from its directors and shareholders. It is an artificial entity and one that confers [...]